God 's heart is always open for you. Is your heart always open for Him?

          Do you know...

 * You've been offered the gift of being royalty?

     You're gifted and talented?

        * Your purpose and destiny?




The more "No" responses you get, the more inspiring your story will be when all you get are "Yes" responses.

When God says "Yes", nobody can say "No".

​        ~ Lydia Joy

If you keep knocking on doors of opportunity and the right door won’t open, prayerfully consider if God wants you to build your own door of opportunity.

​~ Lydia Joy

Christian Leadership Training

Some people may not understand the purpose/vision for your life and that’s okay, because God created it within you, not them.

~ Lydia Joy

Make God your # 1 priority and live your life according to His standards. If you take your meaning from something else other than God, it will enslave you.

~ Lydia Joy