God 's heart is always open for you. Is your heart always open for Him?

          Do you know...

 * You've been offered the gift of being royalty?

     You're gifted and talented?

        * Your purpose and destiny?



Gifted Royalty God's Princess Forever: Discover Your Royal Identity and Reach Your True Potential.

  His best to love you means that:​

*  He is: Patient and kind, never envious, never boastful, never proud or haughty
*  He does not: Dishonor you

*  He is not: Self-seeking or demanding of his own way

*  He is not: Easily angered

He:  Keeps no record of wrongs
*  He does not:  Delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
He: Always stands his ground in defending you
*  He:  Always trusts and believes in you … always hopes the best of you

*  He: Always perseveres by being loyal to you

​*  He: Believes that true love never fails  

     Based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 of The Holy Bible.

Don’t expect perfection out of the man who tries his best to love you; for only God’s love is perfect.

​           As a young girl grows up, she likes to pretend that she is a princess; she may choose to be Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine etc. She takes on the perception that whenever she may be trapped in a challenging situation, a fantasy-based prince will come to her rescue. Oftentimes, this fairy-tale perception may be carried out into adulthood, causing a woman to be disillusioned of her own self-worth and unaware of her gifts/talents. Her focus in life may be to find prince Charming and in the process she fails to discover who she really is and reach  her true potential. She is left yearning to be loved and waiting for this prince of which she has unrealistic expectations,   instead of enjoying God’s  perfect love and calling on the all-powerful Savior to intervene and using her own gifts/talents to conquer whatever situation she may be faced with.

       What a young girl fails to realize or perhaps she was never made aware, is that she doesn’t have to pretend to be a princess, because she already is a princess - the precious daughter of an eternal King, God who knows her by name. God created her uniquely beautiful in His image and equipped her with gifts/talents to fulfill her purpose/destiny. Her focus should be to utilize the gifts/talents she was blessed with and become the loving/godly woman she was meant to be. As she takes action to reach her true potential and trusts God to write her life/love story, a real prince  will recognize her as the princess she really is and he will fight to win/cherish her heart in order to make the vow/commitment of love to her. Enlighten the precious young girl in your life by sharing this vital truth with her…

I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me. 

​                                                                Philippians 4:13 NKJV